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Thierry Lefevre - Founder of Mobilis in Mobili & Nemo Marine Services (seakeeper) - founded Mobilis in 2018.


Due to world environmental issues, there was an urgency to react - so Mobilis in Mobili was created with a view to help create a cleaner world and contribute to a better future by reducing the usage of plastic usage at sea.


As a result, the water makers range was launched - converting seawater into clean drinking water, thus reducing the excessive number of plastic bottles on the yachts.


The main philosophy behind Mobilis in Mobili is to reduce the excessive plastic bottles usage by transferring seawater into drinkable water -  doing so, we have proudly achieved several goals :




For the past years, we have become the exclusive distributor for HP watermakers from Menton to Saint Tropez.


Success was inevitable and other products have since been added - We are also the exclusive distributors for CEM Marine Pumps from Menton to Saint Tropez.


We now specialise in the following fields :


  1. Reduction of plastic bottles usage - a decrease of the ship's weight

  2. As a direct result, the yachts no longer need to frequently come into port to fill up for water

  3. Yachts can spend more time at sea

  4. Usage of freshwater to flow through the yacht 

Water makers, softeners, & fresh water dispensers

Marine Pumps

Mooring lines

Marine Electrical Parts

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