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CÔTE d'azur

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Since 1995, HP Watermakers has been working in the water treatment industry.


They produce a diverse range of desalination plants  : Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic, ranging from 35 lt/h up to 10,000 lt/h.

Thanks to the HP water dispenser, you reduce the number of plastic bottles stored onboard.


CÔTE d'azur


Since 1933, Volpi Techno Energia is specialized in the production of Paguro generator sets for nautical, terrestrial and shipbuilding use.


VTE is the market reference regarding the performance of its generators and for the excellent ratio between power, quietness and compactness.

Both the engine and the alternator of a Paguro generator are water-cooled. This eliminates the need for airflow through the capsules to cool the generator - resulting in significantly lower noise output.


CÔTE d'azur


C.E.M. was established in 1970 as a manufacturer of electric pumps and d.c. motors widely used in the marine field. There great experience acquired in the course of the years and their constant expansion in the national and the international markets has resulted in the broadening of our products range.


This makes us the ideal partner for large and medium-sized boat builders of pleasure, fishing and military vessels.


Our ever-growing product range currently features DC and AC electric pumps, pumps with pulleys.

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